Why Us?

Tejas Mistry and Phillip Matthews met at Samsung where they worked on a purpose-built application for one of the first ever tablets - the Samsung Q1. It was then that they realized that they both had a passion for challenging the status quo and decided to build the KSAT (Kanban Sales Automation Tool), software that is a global first.

KSAT is based on the understanding that whether the world buys printers and ink cartridges in an ad hoc transactional manner or whether they are  bought using an MPS contract, the supply chain reacts when the device issues a low toner alert.

Instead of reacting to the devices saying low toner alert, KSAT treats machines like a modern car. It monitors the print habits of the user and based on that, forecasts when the device will run out of ink. This just in time methodology ensures that you don’t fall into typical pitfalls including, but not limited to, over ordering, under ordering and running out at the wrong time.

Who Was KSAT Built For ?

If you are an end user looking to drive efficiency within your business and eradicate the costs of Printing inefficiencies, this is for you. For example, KSAT helped EuroCar Parts save approximately £5K a day across its 1,400 branches by simply managing their requirements more effectively.

If you are a reseller delivering services and products such as Ink, IT services, and the like, KSAT can help you monitor your customers' print fleets and help you sell consolidated orders of ink.  It can also help you identify when problem printers should be replaced.

KSAT is completely vendor agnostic.  We leave it to you to decide whether to sell OEM or aftermarket products.

The brainchild of both Philip and Tejas, Kanban currently engages with companies of all shapes and sizes who value efficiency gains and are cost sensitive.

We can help you with –

  1. Making your Print Fleet environment efficient using our globally unique KSAT software.
    1. Contact us to request a white paper on KSAT and see whether it can make a difference for you both as an end user or a reseller.
  2. Toner Cartridges /Printer Hardware – Our unique software driven solution means we can guarantee the best ink prices from the best manufacturers in the world. Because Kanban is not built to sell ink or printer in a traditional manner, we are able to get access to “never seen before prices” directly from the manufacturers. If in doubt, give us a shout and we will prove it to you.
  3. Finance – Our reputation in the marketplace drives fantastic bargains and relationships. We have relationships with finance companies such that we can help you spread your costs at a rate you may call “cheaper than cash.”
  4. MPS – Looking to get into an MPS contract? Don’t do so without speaking to us. We’ll ensure that you don’t just get the right contract but that you get one that reflects your continually changing needs as a continually evolving business.  For example, over time your usage may increase or you may move towards a paperless office.  Either way we will ensure that what you pay on your MPS contract mirrors what you actually use.
  • Support

    Provide fleet performance, analysis and reporting.Software forecasts low ink/toner automatically.
  • Secure

    The right devices, the latest tools, and ongoing support from print security experts.
  • Sustainable

    Reduce the environmental impact of your printing with an IT improvement as a sustainability solution.
  • Upgrade

    Upgrade you hardware for huge discounts. Professional colour quality, exceptional security and energy efficiency.
  • Original Ink

    Remanufactured or after market compatible ink can deliver poor quality and also void the warranty on your printers. Every cartridge is HP original ink.
  • Streamline

    Monitors devices and advises on whether it’s right for the team using it.