About Us

Kanban exists because of the ideas of two people who come from distinctly different worlds.

Tejas Mistry has over 20 years of experience in software, web site and web application development as well as a keen eye for UI and UX. Tejas has a penchant for finding flaws in business models and systems. Plugging these flaws with technology that either helps drive profitability, or helps drive cost cuts and efficiency gains through software automation, is what he has delivered for companies including, but not limited to, Samsung, P&G, and Unilever.

Phillip Matthews comes from the world of Print. He has 30+ years of experience at every level of desktop printing and photocopiers. Philip's work for companies like Konica Minolta and Samsung means that he is well versed not just with the world of transactional devices but also with Managed Print Services. What Phillip doesn’t know about printing isn’t worth knowing. In fact, we urge you to challenge Phillip if you wish.

Kanban has been in business for seven years and has a substantial client base.

Our customers include Amazon, Downton Haulage, the Aurora Retail Group and many more.

If you want to discuss printing, if you want to cut your costs without dropping quality, if you want to have a continuous, real-time assessment of your print environment and deliver transparency and intelligent, useful data, then give us a call. We are small but we are making ripples and luckily for you we do it all – JUST IN TIME !!